Wednesday 28 June 2017

For all you lucky freshers starting university in September


Get ready for the best year of your life. 

I understand that everyone is telling you this, whether they have just finished first year, or even if they graduated 10 years ago, but WE DO NOT LIE.

You'll be sitting in your garden during the summer after first year, crying into your keyboard wishing you could be the one crossing off the days on your countdown calendar until term starts from the first time. (Yes this is my current situation.)

Packing for university:

If your car doesn't end up resembling this, then I salute you.

My biggest piece of advice?

Try and find your flatmates on social media in advance of move-in day and decide who's going to bring what.

Despite what you may think, you do not need to bring five plates, three bowls, five sets of cutlery, a toaster, two kettles, five pans, a wok and the entirety of your mum's spice rack, because chances are your flatmates have got you covered.

And what better way to bond with your new flatmates than asking if you can borrow their garlic crusher! (TRUST ME, GARLIC CRUSHERS ARE A GAME CHANGER. You can thank me later.)

My flat mate Rahul, (HI RAHUL IF YOU'RE READING THIS, I MISS YOU) moved into halls with a bowl, a plate and approximately two forks, two knives and a spoon, because he just borrowed things as and when he needed them.

So if you're not up for unpacking (and re-packing remember!) a tonne of kitchen items, be smart and be more like Rahul!

In terms of what to bring to decorate your room, well that's down to you!

I will shamefully admit that I did search my uni halls' location tag on Instagram to look at how everyone else had decorated their rooms and to get some inspiration.. (Please say other people did that and it wasn't just me??)

I used to work in the Stationery department at John Lewis, so when summer clearance rolled around before I started uni, I went HAM on the stationery spending.

This wasn't even half of the stationery I took with me...


I used one sheet of the orange weekly planner during first year, that was it..

All I will say is, you are not moving to Mars, there will be stationery shops nearby if you do, god forbid, run out of sticky notes or revision cards.

But do bring some home comforts, because the first week or two does feel a bit alien and a bit lonely because you don't really know your flat mates or course mates that well yet. Putting up photos of your friends and family and even bringing a teddy, (yes i did this and yes my flat mates all love him) will make your little old box room feel a bit more like home.

P.s: BRING A DOORSTOP!! I was given this piece of advice by someone who had just finished first year last year and I'm so glad she told me it! Wedge your door open whilst you are moving in so that your flatmates are sort of forced to say hello when they walk past, that way things are a bit less awkward when all of the parents leave.

Meeting your course mates

I still laugh/cringe when I think back to the first day that I actually had to go into uni and meet my course mates.

Luckily as journalists we were all like-minded, nosy people who wanted to see what everyone looked like before we'd even started. So someone set up a course chat so that we could all vent to each other about what we thought the course was going to be like (oh how very, very wrong we all were, hahahaha).

Everyone who lived in my halls had organised to meet out in the courtyard so that we could all get the bus together, but when we got there everybody just stood in different parts of the courtyard looking up at each other then back down at their phones??

Then a girl called Claudia, (my BAMMJ OG) came out, who Harvey, another boy on my course (also my BAMMJ OG) would later reveal that he remembered as the 'nice asian girl in the yellow jumper' (we all laugh at it now) and thankfully asked, "Are you doing journalism?!" Then suddenly it was like bees to a honeypot! Everyone just surrounded us!

Then we all trundled off to get the bus together, probably making the most horrific small talk..

So a note to you all, don't be afraid to 'do a Claudia' on your first day! Be assertive and make friends with your course mates!

Flatmates can change from year to year but you're stuck with your course mates until the very end!

I then met the majority of my course and I must say I have been very lucky. Both my flatmates and course mates have been bloody wonderful!

Flat 19 and all of the (surviving) BAMMJ's, (sorry about the cringe reference). You're all gems xxxxxx

And don't worry if you don't make friends immediately, or if the one person you made friends with during freshers week ends up being put in a different seminar group to you. You'll make more friends trust me!!

Freshers Week

Or Freshers fortnight in Bournemouth's case??

I have one monumental piece of advice for you.


Nine times out of ten, the event is not close to selling out, the promo team are just trying to pressure you into buying a ticket! And if you've spent £50 on a wristband but all of your flatmates and course mates have a different one for different events, you'll end up wasting more money on buying tickets for those events.

Just wait until you get there to gage what everyone else is doing!

Alternatively, ask second and third years or your halls reps which events they would recommend and what clubs are good, because obviously they've done it all before and will be more than willing to advise you on the best places to go.

(Anyone going to Bournemouth next year, any events at Cameo and also Lollipop on Fridays at Old Fire Station are the places to be!)

Starting your course

This is usually the moment when you realise that university isn't just jagerbombs, VK's, fancy dress and Dominos pizza.. Yes you have voluntarily signed up for three to four years (or more if you're brave and are planning on doing a Masters or a PHD) of higher education...

As strange as it sounds, I was quite excited to start my course, studying something that I was actually genuinely interested in and getting to use all of the fancy equipment, it was all a very exciting prospect for me!

But then the lectures and seminars began and during the first few weeks and I felt like I was drowning in work.

Anyone who says that the step up from A-levels to uni isn't as bad as GCSE's to A-Level is a LIAR.

You'll find yourself doing extra reading and making notes on book chapters, that lasts for approximately a month (if that). So just keep going at it and don't forget you can always rely on your course mates to console you and listen to your venting about how you regret your course choice.

Another big point:

You will question your course choice and the prospect of dropping out pretty much every day, so don't panic you're not the only one!

Going out

"First year doesn't count"- The one statement that your friends will use against you mercilessly in first year to try and convince you to come out.

You'll be resilient and say no the first ten times.

Then you'll think, "I could just wake up really early tomorrow morning and do it and realistically was I going to get any work done this late at night anyway?"

Your friends will give you this look:

You'll get ready in record speed, (something that I have realised I just CANNOT do..)

Your friends started drinking two hours ago, so to get you on their level, they rig all of the drinking games so that you have to drink every five seconds.

Your walk to the club is spent talking absolute rubbish to the guy that you just met when you crossed the road, (or starting the weekly five minute night-out Snapchat story that I have become infamous for..)

Once you finally get inside:

You'll experience a multitude of expressions at the bar:

Then this:

Realising that you can't escape without doing it:

Hitting the dance floor:

Then you see people from your course that you've never spoken to, but you're fuelled with jaeger and the sweet taste of VK's, so you go bounding over to them like they're your best friend:

3am comes around and it's time to begin the long trek home, but there's only one thing on your mind:

You get back to the flat and decide the who what and where.

Who's flat you're going to, where it is and what you're going to eat.

(In my case it was: Claudia's, flat 53 and 15 chicken nuggets.)

Knocking really loudly, even though your friend told you not to because they don't want to wake their flatmates up:

Everyone has somehow managed to get their baking tray in the tiny oven like an advanced game of tetris.

You've put your phone timer on, you talk absolute rubbish just waiting for the carbs to cook so that they'll hopefully sober you up.

The timer goes off:

Food has never tasted so good:

You start talking yet more rubbish into the early hours of the morning until you realise it's light outside and that you should probably go home:



I add 'that you understand' on the end, because when you go through the lecture slides and you're like 'wtf does that even mean??'

Having notes written in your own, probably dumbed down words will be an absolute godsend for your revision.

Make revision cards as you go (if you can).

Hahahaha next joke.

I had every intention of doing this, but the workload just got too much..

However, if you have better time management skills than I do (it's not hard), then I would advise making pretty revision cards and mind maps once you finish a topic, rather than leaving it all until the end.

If all else fails, get ready to learn a whole unit in the space of a couple of weeks..

Leaving for summer

The feeling when you finish exams is literally the best.

It's like freshers week all over again except you actually know people and you know where everything is!

But then you realise that leaving for summer means that you've actually finished first year and that you're never going to be a fresher again...

You watch at the window as each of your flatmates/coursemates move out and flee the nest:

(This is my favourite GIF in the whole of this post, because this was legit me.)

You start to pack up your room, 1. Regretting that you didn't take things home gradually when you went home during the year. 2. Realising that the more things you pack up, the more your room doesn't even feel like yours anymore:

You try and squeeze everything back into the car whilst your mum is saying,

"Well we got it all down here, so we must be able to get it all back!"

But what she doesn't realise is that during your time there, you've made approximately thirty ASOS orders, twenty Missguided Orders and two Urban Outfitters Orders (because UO is expensive AF and you could only justify the prices twice with your measly student loan.)

Finally, you drive away from halls, realising that you're gonna miss your halls so much and worst of all, that you probably won't see everyone again for another 3 months:

I hope this post helped to settle your nerves and answer some of the questions you've been thinking about?

If not, well I hope you enjoyed the array of GIFs!

Sending you so many positive (and severely jealous) vibes.

Love Kerry xxx

Sunday 25 June 2017

BU Summerball 2017 After movie!

Here it is!
My Summerball 2017 after-movie! I thought I had filmed more but it turns out that I was too busy having a boogie! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being there and making it!

Love Kerry xxx

Wednesday 21 June 2017

16 stages all pale people go through during a heatwave


That's the only way to describe this abnormally hot weather that we seem to be experiencing for what feels like a year now.

I know I should never dare speak badly of our dear yellow/orange friend as he doesn't make an appearance all that often, but as a pale being, the struggle is very real.

1. Seeing the sun and feeling a sense of optimism that today might be the day that I get some colour!!!

(Yes us pale folk must refer to it as colour because, "tan" is too strong a word to define the slight pink/peach glow that we MIGHT achieve..)

2. You slap on your suncream with vigour and excitement.

"Tan lines"???  HAHAA don't be silly! Those only happen in movies don't they?

3.) The first 15 minutes in the sun..

4.) Then the sweating begins and you worry that you may have pushed your precious pale skin that bit too far.

5.) You peel yourself off of the chair and run back inside to the solace of your house, where shade and comfortable temperatures prevail.

6.) Check in the nearest mirror to see if you've got any colour.



7.) See that you haven't and realise that today is going to be just like every other sunny day.

8.) Defiance strikes and you vow that you WILL go back out into the sun and endure the sun sweats and you WILL get that 'bronze glow' that all of your friends talk about.

9.) You go to lay back down in your previous spot and burn your entire back because the chair and pillows are now, THE HEAT OF THE SUN.

10.) You try and listen to music or read a book to distract yourself from the imminent sweat fest.

11.) Realise that no matter how much you try and sunbathe, your dreams of being a bronzed goddess, in the words of Gabrielle are, 'Out Of Reach'.

12.) Retire back inside the house only to remember the famous saying,

"You'll be able to see if you've caught the sun once you've had a shower."

So up the stairs you run..

13.) You jump out of the shower, only to realise that the redness that you have achieved is because of the shower water being hotter than the gates of hell on your delicate skin..

14.) Sit on your bed in your towel for 5 hours, scrolling through Instagram, marvelling at people's holiday snaps, thinking 'ooh that white bikini is gorgeous!'

But then remembering that you would look like a snowman if you wore that because your skin is paler than the bikini..

15.) You see pictures of pale girls and realise that you need to start embracing your pale skin more.

16.) Then you look over to your shelves at your bottle of fake tan and think

Love Kerry xxx

Friday 30 December 2016

Soap & Glory-ious Bournemouth

So like many others this year, I fled the nest in September! I was both nervous and excited as I embarked on the three year course in Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University. But why Bournemouth I hear you ask?

Bournemouth University boasts the best media department in the country with graduates winning awards at prestigious film festivals and working on movies such as 'Gravity' starring the incredible Sandra Bullock, it quickly became obvious that Bournemouth was the university for me!

As an up and coming journalist, it has become apparent  that my passion for beauty and fashion is something that I want to specialise in in the foreseeable future. For as long as I can remember I have religiously watched Youtubers such as Lauren Luke (panacea81- who remembers her?!) and avidly followed bloggers such as Lily Pebbles and ViviannaDoesMakeup on a daily basis. And anyone who knows me, will tell you how desperate I am to start my own Youtube channel because it seems that I am yet to find someone who can fulfil ALL of my talking needs! This is why I would love to become a Soap and Glory Glambassador for Bournemouth University.

Probably the best thing I have done since I started at Bournemouth is signing up to Nerve Radio and hosting a radio show on Friday mornings at 9am with my co-hosts Claudia and Jess. I would love to combine my passion for beauty and fashion with my new found love for radio to possibly create a radio show or podcast based on all things blushes, blouses and brows?! I feel there is a real gap in the market for something like that!

Now it's all very well me painting the picture of myself as a wonderfully studious individual but how can I talk about Bournemouth without mentioning the nightlife?! There's Halo Mondays, where once you get over the fact that you're dancing in an old converted church where people used to sing hymns and pray, it makes for a decent night out! Cameo Wednesdays, probably Bournemouth's  most renowned 'student night' where you are assured VK's left, right and centre and the distant chants of the infamous 'Will Griggs'. And finally Lollipop Fridays at The Old Firestation, the only place where you can go from Skepta to S Club 7 in a matter of 5 steps. Why would you want to be anywhere else?!

Thank you for reading!

Kerry xxx

Monday 14 November 2016


I've typed and re-typed this first line a solid 10 times (as you can see I've settled for this cracking intro..)

I don't even know where to begin?! I've just read my last blogpost back, new year, new me HA HA HA HA HA HA. I am not slim and trim, I still eat complete crap and as you can quite clearly see I have not been updating this blog AT ALL. (Good job kez)

But in terms of new year, new me, thats not completely untrue! This year has definitely been THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE SO FAR. As you may or may not know, earlier this year I travelled the East Coast of Australia from Melbourne all the way up to Cairns for 7 weeks and I can honestly say hands down it was the best thing I have ever done in my whole life. I won't ramble on about it too much now but I am considering doing some blogposts about it looking back on it, giving my tips and tricks on what to do in each place and the best places to stay/eat (if you like Nutella, trust me you will NEED to read these posts, my Nutella consumption in Oz reached an all time high...) Let me know if you're about to embark on your gap year or even if you'd just be interested in knowing what I got up to?

Another big milestone in my life is that I have officially embarked on a degree in Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University! I moved down to the beautiful coastline in the middle of September and am currently well and truly immersed in 'student-life' and all it has to offer! (Most importantly VK's <3 <3) In the words of RiRi, 'where have they been all my life???' Again I want to keep this post as brief as possible because we all know how much I love to ramble on and on and write small dissertations for you all to read! But I am definitely going to be posting about my first experiences of all things Uni (spoiler: I cried more times than I had hot dinners, and as a uni student that seems entirely plausible because my cooking skills are about as good as a chocolate teapot..)

I've typed this whilst watching I'm A Celeb (YAYYYYYY IT'S BACKKKK!!) So please excuse any errors, I've just had a sudden urge to blog again because I really miss it!
Obviously attempting to blog alongside a degree is notably not one of my best ideas but I'm just going to post as and when I can! So hopefully you'll all stick around and bear with me??

Thank you for reading!

Kez xxx

Thursday 15 September 2016

Kate Comes to Cambridge!

So seeing as our friend Kate, who we met in Oz, decided to take a trip down south to our hometown of Cambridge. Lauren and I decided to show her around and be tourists for the weekend! Of course this was all filmed on my Go Pro Hero 4 Silver!


Love Kerry xxx